Press Kit

Press Clippings and Quotes about Matt Mason

"Matt inspired, entertained and truly 'talked up' to my middle school literature classes. They loved sharing their ideas and opinions with him. Most of all, he inspired me to get back to my everyday writing. Some of my students were preparing for speech competitions. His performance in giving his poetry and some well chosen other pieces were definitely a perk at this time."

"Sometimes I find it difficult to teach poetry in high school because students immediately perceive it as difficult and boring, and they believe they are "too cool" for that sort of thing. Matt convinced them that poetry was cool! His dynamic presentation was stuffed full of relevant information, and best of all, it was fun! Days later, my students are still excited and talking about Matt and poetry. This was one of the best presentations we've had at our school in years."

"The best investment I have ever made for my classroom has been Matt Mason."

"Matt Mason was a vital contributor to the success of the Vermillion Literary Project's 2003 Annual Poetry Festival. He facilitated a poetry workshop for participants that many considered the highlight of the festival. He also read his own fascinating work during a noontime reading, and he showed the VLP how to run a poetry slam properly, leading us with slam professionalism and panache."

"Matt Mason provides the audience with a near-perfect blend of nonconformist humor and grounded, literate observation. His glass-sharp wit challenges listeners to use both their hearts and minds to stay in the moment with him...his poems will keep you guessing with many delightfully bizarre, unexpected twists. At home in both slam and academic settings, don't miss hearing Matt when he comes to your town!"

"A crowd pleaser across the Midwest, Mason's performances feature a dry wit and fantastic stage presence. The poet has competed several times in Des Moines, never losing a slam."

"I don't know poetry, but I know what I like. And I like Mr. Mason's work."

"A hoot"

Press Clippings and Quotes About Matt and Sarah

"Sarah and Matt are great poets and poetry teachers. Their fun, creative workshops inspired my students to create extraordinary poems through description and imagination. Their humor and warmth created such a comfortable atmosphere that even the most reluctant writers were participating. I can?t recommend them enough."

"Matt Mason and Sarah McKinstry-Brown are a grand resource for poetry and poetry lovers. They've created poems than are, by turns, filled with passion and compassion, good humor, wit and wisdom. Beyond the fine qualities of their work on the page, they are genuinely gifted performers, perennial hits with audiences either sophisticated or experiencing their first ever poetry reading. Wonderful poets, they are, not surprisingly, good people ? personable, kind and caring. With these two around, I have nothing but confidence in the future of American poetry."

"Matt Mason and Sarah McKinstry-Brown are a pleasure to work with. Their literary experience, organizational skills, and ability to identify quality local talent made Joslyn Art Museum's College Night Poetry Reading a huge success...Mason and McKinstry-Brown's reading selections, and those of the talented writers they engaged, were perfectly sculpted to suit a college crowd. With tonal variation that traveled from low lulls to breathless highs, they created images that moved the audience from somber emotional explorations to riotous laughter. Mason and McKinstry-Brown remind us that poetry is indeed a fine, fine art. We look forward to welcoming the duo back to Joslyn again and again."

"Both Sarah and Matt are beautiful poets with incredible performance capabilities. Catch their show-you'll return home remembering why you loved poetry in the first place."

"It is one thing to read poetry in a book and quite another to have a talented group of artists perform their original work. The students were captivated and inspired from the first moment and the poetry slam has become their favorite event of the year. The creativity, talent, commitment and persons of the poets who performed for us made poetry cool to the kids and made it relevant to the MTV generation. Some students are now going to poetry slams outside of school. I highly recommend to any instructor to invest some time in Matt Mason, Sarah, and their fellow poets because the dividends to students are enormous."

"Oh my God what a great audience and slam community in Omaha. A reunion with old friends and many new friends. It was one of the most perfect nights of my life as slam papa. Matt & Sarah and their group nurtured one the best slam family tribes to date. And Matt & Sarah also have the sweetest young family of their own. The old man was holding back tears of joy all night. I'll be back, Omaha!"