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Nebraska State Poet Matt Mason is such a delight as a writer, human, and teacher! All I’ve ever seen him do is open doors, open pages, open minds to the idea that you — yes you — can be a poet, are a poet — just looking for a nudge and the space to put words down, or out, so others see what you see.

     Lloyd Hoshaw, Millard West High School

School Visits and Poetry Shows

Matt has performed in hundreds venues from the Maitisong Festival in Botswana to the National Poetry Slam, the Nebraska Book Festival, the San Jose Poetry Festival, colleges, high schools, libraries and more. If you or your audience thinks poetry isn’t interesting, you haven’t hired Matt yet.

"I just wanted to say how much we appreciated your visit yesterday. I heard a few kids creating poems on their way out yesterday! I even heard one tell their parents about it during parent teacher conferences! You brought energy into the library and school and we all appreciated that! Thank you so much!"


(402) 680-8755

Poetry Workshops

Matt has led writing and performing workshops, presentations for board meetings and Arts administrators as well as teacher in-services about teaching poetry to students. He’s taught workshops dozens of universities and high schools in the U.S., Belarus, Nepal, Botswana, and Romania.

"We enjoyed every moment while you were here, and people are still talking about their experience with you three Pen Pal Program poets.Your poetry was powerful and meaningful. When you shared it with your introductions, explanations, and all the right intonations, the poems absolutely came alive for us. It was emotional, touching, and fun. That special day will remain with all of us lucky enough to experience your magic in poetry for a long time."


(402) 680-8755

Bring Matt In!

I prepare events and programs to suit your program: half day, full day, 2-5 day, and longer performances/workshops/residencies.

For those in Nebraska:

For 1-2 days, the Nebraska Arts Council’s Presenting the State Poet grant or Humanities Nebraska’s Speakers Bureau are quick, simple grants to bring Matt in.

For week-long residencies in Nebraska, Matt is on the Nebraska Arts Council’s Artists in the Schools/Communities directory so you may be eligible for a grant to help cover fees. 

Matt is also on the Arts Council’s Touring Program listing.

Whatever the case, contact me with any questions:

(402) 680-8755