2 new poems in the Summer 2023 Issue of Rattle Magazine

I have two new poems in Rattle, which you can see in text as well as hear me read them:

“The Issue of Rattle”: https://www.rattle.com/the-issue-of-rattle-by-matt-mason/

and “Why Instead Of Begging My Mom For Extra Allowance Money So I Could Buy A Record Album I Should Have Declared Vendetta On The Electric Light Orchestra”: https://www.rattle.com/why-instead-of-begging-my-mom-for-extra-allowance-money-by-matt-mason/

Poems from Button Poetry and the NWC

The Baby That Ate Cincinnati

A Thing That Happened

Poems from the State Poet Installation Ceremony, February 25th, 2019

Now That You've Named Me State Poet of Nebraska, Let The Reign of Terror Commence


Flipping Channels Between the Two Televised Football Games on a Sunday Afternoon

My 4/16/20 Reading for Western Nebraska Community College


Notes For My Daughters Against Chasing Storms

Live at the Artist Quarter in Saint Paul, shared by Button Poetry.

Line Up For Lightning

When The Baby Falls Asleep, We Celebrate‚Äč

Make Star Love, Not Star Wars

The Long Dark Night of Your Dating Life